Create multiple contacts

Creates multiple contacts and updates existing ones.
This route uses WebSocket in order to notify connected clients of the creation progress
The route process is the following:

  1. The webSocketServer (wss) sends one contact_bulk_create_starting
  2. wss sends as many contact_bulk_create_running as there is contacts to create/update
  3. wss sends one contact_bulk_create_ending
    The API returns between the sending of _starting and _ending
    WebSocket payload format:
  • _starting: {
    listId: Id of the list in which contacts will be added,
    uuid: Unique transaction id
  • _running: {
    uuid: Unique transaction id,
    i: Index of the contact currently processed,
    total: Total number of contact to process
  • _ending: {
    uuid: Unique transaction id,
    created: Number of contact created
    updated: Number of contact updated
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