New Reply

The New Reply webhook triggers for each new reply to a sequence you sent. You can select one or multiple categories of answer you want to receive (positive, negative, out-of-office, ...)

The format of the webhook posted is the following:

      campaign: {
        _id: '507f1f77bcf86cd799439011',
        name: 'Your Activation Campaign'
      contact: {
        _id: '809f1f77bcf82cd799439012',
        first_name: 'John',
        last_name: 'Doe',
        company_name: 'Aqme CORP',
        role: 'Founder',
        email: '[email protected]',
        phone: '0182834970',
        status: 'qualified',
        listId: '3901809bcf827d79942cf1f7',
        userId: 'f77bcf3901282cd79809f194',
        groupId: 'f82809ccdf1f77b701299439',
        customerId: '9f1f8082cd77bcf742993901',
        company_industry: 'Industrie composants électriques électroniques',
        company_size: '1001-5000',
        company_specialisation: 'Gestionnaire technique',
        company_website: '',
        area: 'Région de Paris, France',
        city: 'Paris',
        country: 'FRANCE',
        countrycode: 'FR',
        date_added: '2017-11-16T17:43:59.998+0000',
        education_activities: 'Option : management of innovation',
        education_date: '2005-2007',
        education_diploma: 'Bachelor of Science',
        education_major: 'Directeur projet',
        education_school: 'EPITECH Nantes',
        headline: 'Architecte Cloud Devops',
        job_category: 'Program and Project Management',
        lastEmailCategory: 'positive',
        linkedinurl: '',
        updatedAt: '2017-11-16T17:43:59.998+0000',
        collectedAt: '2017-11-16T17:43:59.998+0000',
        unsubscribed: false,
        unsubscribe_date: null,
        vars: {}
      message: {
        category: 'positive',
        snippet: 'Bonjour, je serai ravi d\'échanger avec vous concernant ces problématiques ! Quand êtes-vous disponible pour un call ?',
        from: [
            name: 'John Doe',
            email: '[email protected]'
        to: [
            name: 'Romain Simon',
            email: '[email protected]'
      pending: {
        stepNb: 1
      user: {
        _id: 'f77bcf3901282cd79809f194',
        email: '[email protected]',
        first_name: 'Romain',
        last_name: 'Simon'