Error codes

Generic Errors

500Internal ErrorAn unexpected error occured
503Service UnavailableThe service is currently not available. This can be the case for maintenance : for example if we detect a critical bug in a route, we might disable it temporary.
400Bad RequestYour request is not properly formatted
401UnauthorizedYou don't have access to this resource. This can happen if you did not provide a token, your token has expired, or you don't have the required access level for this resource.
403ForbiddenYou don't have the required access rights for this resource
404Not FoundYou requested a resource that does not exists or cannot be found
409ConflictThere is a conflict and you request can't be processed. For example, this can happen if you try to rename a sequence with a name which is already taken by another sequence.
422Unprocessable EntityThis errors occurs when the request cannot be processed even tough its format is valid (contrary to Bad Request)
424Failed DependencyWhen updating a resource requires access to another resource, and this second resource has an error.